Data Monetization

New Business Opportunity

  • Providing actionable actions for sales and marketing e.g. Turbo Drive Data Revenue, Device Based Plans, Dynamic Discounting, RAN Congestion Control, Peak/Off Peak plans, M2M plans and policy.

  • Also provides intelligence for enterprise ananymize data for enterprises - Advertisers, Merchant/Retailers, Payment processors, Federal Governments, OTT Players and etc.

Sales and Marketing

  • Extracting telcom big data from the network and customers information to provid 360 degree view of Customer Value, Customer Usage and Behaviour, Price Plan, Policy and Usage, Personalized Marketing Campaigns, Upselling & Cross-selling, Next Best Offer (NBO), Churn Reduction, Roaming Analytics, Data Plan Distribution, App Behaviour Auto Discovery, Handset Adoptions and etc.

Network and Business Analytics

  • Extracting large volume and variety of telco network data and business data to provide network analytic capability, best network KPIs, network optimization, network troubleshooting, network analysis and etc.

Mobility Insights

  • Providing deep insights into mobile operator subscriber mobility and usage behaviour used for network operations, radio planning and monetizing existing assets into business opportunities.