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Digital Analytics

We transform the world digital data into

world of insights and intelligence. 

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Big Data

Unlock your data’s potential with GlobeOSS Data Analytic Services. Empower everyone to get insights by removing traditional constraints of scale, performance, and cost to solve business challenges. Optimize business outcomes with real-time intelligence and streaming analytics. Maximize value from data with a flexible, open, and multi-cloud platform. Services includes Data Analytic Services, Data Modelling, Data Visualization, ELT Services, Cloudera / GCP / Azure / AWS  and Data Science Services (AI/ML) 

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Leveraging the advance data analytics technology (including opensource), GlobeOSS provides innovative analytic services, algorithms and data science to solve unique business problems. We do this through the simplification of data preparation, quick and simple model creation and deployment of best models into action quickly. This includes Data Mining, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, Text Analytics, Optimization and Simulation 


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Data Science
as a Service

Enabling companies to realize the goldmine of insights, delivering highly personalized experiences for customers, navigating the path to Monetization of data. We deliver value through data science as a service. Services include CVM AI/ML Models, Model Algorithms, Model Accuracy, Model Design Framework, Data Exploration, Model Development, Model Deployment and Model Performance Monitoring 

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Assuring the smart digital world by using data analytics in every part of the operations. Data does not drive the organization, decision do. Operational analytics helps our customer to make better decisions every time. Prepare data, explore, model, register, deploy, decisions, action, results, monitor
and retrain. 

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Unlock the power of spatial analytics. 80% of data collected by businesses has a location component, but only 10% is used to drive decision-making. Organizations able to tap into spatially-driven analytics have a unique opportunity to gain an edge and deliver on business goals. We bring value using the enterprise own data and public data combined. Analysis includes Site selection, Geo-marketing, Supply Chain Optimization, Out of Home Analytics, Catastrophe Modelling, Data Monetization, Environment Management, Fraud Detection, Healthcare Analytics, Indoor Mapping, IOT Analytics, Network Deployment, Territory Planning and Market Analysis 


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Revenue Assurance Analytics

We provide revenue assurance analytics to quickly identify, monitor and manage potential losses and revenue leakages. Revenue assurance is a critical part of enterprise financial management, ensuring businesses have clear oversight to avoid potential revenue leakage. We provide solutions to empower enterprises with data-driven understanding of their revenue pathways. Ensures accurate charging, billing, and accounting of all revenue generating events from both customers and partners. 


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We build our framework to enable customised and full integrated solutions into existing process flows only to optimise them and make them more profitable. Many out of the box analytics. Services include Air Quality, Smart Parking, People Counting, Temperature and Humidity, Parks and Grounds, Smart Metering, Building Environment, Manhole Monitoring, Parks and Grounds, Waste Management, Streetlights, Water Quality, Machine Monitoring, Leak Detection, Water Level Monitoring, Asset Tracking and Traffic Monitoring 

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Public Service

We service public sector through location intelligence analytics. The solution will connect to 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G network, that will protect the citizen and reach the right audience at any point in time. Public Health Analytics.

Pubic Warning System : Instantly reach close to 100% of the population by preparing, orchestrating, and disseminating alerts throughout varied complementary channels in due respect to data privacy regulations. 

Crisis Management : supports a wide range of public bodies regarding crisis management, emergency alerts, public warning, and safety of communities 

Location Investigations : An holistic location of subscribers and devices providing Public authorities with the means to locate suspects or endangered persons, ​track suspects in the past and trace suspicious targets and activities. 

Mobile Network Operator : Fits perfectly into the national public warning architecture. It combines cell-broadcast and location-based SMS technologies to disseminate messages effectively. 


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