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Digital Operation

Assuring the smart digital world by unleashing the data analytics in every part of operations.

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Autonomous Operation (Virtual NOC)

Automate 100% of the first-line Network Operation Center (NOC). With our closed-loop solution and services, network operators can automate the ticket handling process, reduce OPEX, time to action and improve customer experience.

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Service Assurance
& Analytics

Our solutions help CSPs deploy next generation 3G/4G/5G NOC/SOC by building on the core capabilities of fault management, performance management, service quality management, inventory management, trouble ticketing and workforce management through outcome-based solutions. 

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Service Operation Center
& Analytics

Next Generation NOC/SOCs use an early warning system comprised of multiple models that constantly monitor and analyze data in near real-time streams of incoming network and service data. These analytics run automated tasks and algorithms across the data to identify precursors of potential degradations and failures, change in traffic patterns, capacity and utilization.

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Active Test
Analytics (Telco)

The automated Test Systems Services provides a set of tools/services that enable operators to automate manual testing and monitoring processes. It can be used at all stages of the network lifecycle, from design to deployment and operations, by both lab and production teams. It includes the capability to run variants of existing test cases (5G, IoT, voice, data, messaging, etc.). and also allows power users to define new test cases or scenarios, simply using keyword-driven scripting on top of a group of testing building blocks. 

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Device Management & TR69 Ecosystem  Analytics

Simplify device management and reduce the burden on customer care with GlobeOSS Services for vendor-agnostic, massively scalable TR-069 software platform that manages and monitors devices over any network. Our services will provide deeper insights into the in-home wifi network and other services. This will allow broadband network operator to deliver pre-emptive support, measure service quality and speed, as well as improve customer experience and QoE, all while driving cost reductions with greater operational efficiency.

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Service Orchestration
& Analytics (Telco)

The solution will be able to ensure the business acceptance, service fulfilment, and assurance. This project will enable Telco operators to meet stakeholder objectives by gaining leverage and greater success in the fiercely competitive and ever evolving market to derive realize values like reduce time to market, improve customer experience, reduce OPEX, improve operational agility/efficiency and establish E2E service fulfillment process  

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Infrastructure Management
& Fiber Monitoring (Telco)

GlobeOSS provides services to enable end-to-end infrastructure management to enable efficient planning, design, and operations solutions for communications service providers. Remote fiber testing & monitoring solutions can be built based on fixed OTDR test equipment placed at strategic central locations across the network. 

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GlobeOSS Network Operation Center (GNOC)

GlobeOSS offers unique intelligent operation services through GNOC services, customized to your needs. We deliver uptime to business around the world. Everyday, our GNOC manages 24x7 demands of hundreds of Telco networks, IT infrastructure, IT applications over variety of industries. 

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