The GlobeOSS 360-Degree Approach

At GlobeOSS, we not just deliver Telco Big Data Solution, we deliver better business results.


Begins with Telco Big Data Extraction

GlobeOSS specializes in extracting Telco Network and Business Data whether in batch, streaming, structured or unstructured, internal or sourced. GlobeOSS knows how, which, when and what to integrate Telco data.

Create Insights with Telco Domain Knowledge powered by AI and ML

Rich data extraction especially in Telco world, and with right domain knowledge and right machine learning algorithm will be a powerful combination. Various models can be used like clustering, regression, time series, graph, deep learning, R-Script, Python scripts etc. GlobeOSS team will build, train, validate, experiment and deploy successful AI models.


From Insights to Actions

Without business results and actionable outcomes, data will not be meaningful. Beyond visualization, we deliver business results through business process improvement and monetizable data.

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