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Telco Autonomous Network Services

Enabling telco operators to be intelligently autonomous

Intelligently Autonomous

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Telecom operators are increasingly exploring the use of autonomous networks to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. An autonomous network refers to a network that can self-configure, self-optimize, self-heal, and self-protect; using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and automation.


The trend towards autonomous networks is driven by several factors that includes the growing complexity of telecom networks, the need to improve network reliability and availability, and the increasing demand for new services and applications. Autonomous networks can help telecom operators to overcome these challenges by enabling them to manage their networks more efficiently and effectively. The trend towards autonomous networks is expected to accelerate as telecom operators seek to leverage advanced technologies to optimize their network operations and deliver better customer experiences.


GlobeOSS Services together with Inspur software, will enable telecom operators to be intelligently autonomous. GlobeOSS provides services across the various Telco OSS automation framework from the design-time operation automations to run-time operations automation. Our services description for autonomous network construction will be described below.

GlobeOSS Telco
Network Autonomous Services

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1.0 Business



We provide comprehensive business operation support with flexible deployment consulting services that will enhance service delivery and service launch for customer.

We create data models for marketing team to create campaigns using the network, CRM, Billing, customer care and partner data. We also provide services that enable omni-channel, customer 360 view, customer self-care, flexible pricing recommendation and next best offer for telco customers.

We deploy the solutions using the Business Operation Center and CVM applications.

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05 & 06 & 07 Monitoring Assurance, Analytic and Network Healing Services

Our services enable the closed control loop (intent-based awareness, identification, analysis, decision, execution and evaluation), powered by big data and AI technology that will speeds up the long-term autonomous capability construction process.


The long term autonomous capability construction process is implemented through the Resource Center, Fault Center and O&M Center of Inspur solution. All telecom operator network resources will be managed in ONE system; bringing enhanced operation network experience. The AI powered application can intelligently initiate resource recognition and management of device port.

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2.0 & 3.0 Telco Service Design & Orchestration Services

Our consultants enable flexible service design and resource orchestration that will revolutionise the customer service and resource delivery processes. This will effectively increase the competitiveness of telco service provider. Through the deployment of Inspur Design Center and Orchestration Center software module,  we enable the autonomous end-to-end service orchestration flow.

With Inspur Design Center and Orchestration Center software, the end-to-end service orchestration flow can be achieved through intent based, model and workflow driven deployment. The solutions provide easy drag-drop workflow design and orchestration, coupled with automatic closed loop control and end-to-end view.

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8.0 End-To-End

Customer Experience Services

The end-to-end customer experience services for telco network refers to the entire journey of a customer from the moment they sign up for services to the point where they leave or upgrade their plan. It encompasses all the touchpoints that a customer interacts with, such as the sales process, onboarding, usage, support, and billing.


Sales process





Loyalty and retention

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4.0 Network



We help customer to build a new-generation integrated, automatic and intelligent domain controller / network operation and maintenance platform independent of network vendors.

This is done through Resource Orchestration & Domain Controller module by Inspur. With this, we cover IP & O&M platform, Transport O&M platform, wireless O&M platform, core O&M platform, Cloud/IT O&M platform and power/environment O&M platform.

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