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Public Sector Analytics

Driving better government services to citizens through digital analytics technology.

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The public sector is going through rapid changes. The expectation of citizen for the government of the day is getting complicated and sophisticated.

At GlobeOSS we hope to help the government to drive better decisions, implement excellent digital transformation and  enables better outcomes for citizen.

With skill-sets in various industries, we can add value to existing government contractors, with verticals like telecommunication, hospitals, police department, transportation, and etc.

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Public Sector Analytics
Use Cases


Public Safety and Criminal Justice

Data Analytics plays a big role in cybersecurity to forensic science. Security and law enforcement teams require data analytics to respond to incident, prevent threats, stage interventions, resource planning, and investigate criminal activities. GlobeOSS team can help.



Data analytics plays a big part in cybersecurity space for the government, ranging from SIEM, SOAR, XDR, Endpoints security, SOAR, and etc. Security analytics can help and GlobeOSS team is ready to add value.


Transportation & Infrastrure

Data analytics can help government agencies in the critical transportation and infrastructure assets using predictive maintenance analytics and operational analytics. GlobeOSS team is ready for action.


Defence & National Security

Security and AI has changed the battlefield of the future. We can help armed forces with the adoption of big data technology and AI for national security.



Data analytics can provide education institutions with trustworthy data, information, and insights. This will enable education institutions in the decision making, strategy formulation, and future needs anticipation. GlobeOSS is ready to help in implementing data analytics technology to changing trends of education sector.


Public Healthcare

Data Analytics has a big and critical role to public health. GlobeOSS team can help healthcare agencies leverage big data technology and AI/ML to improve productivity, patient care, public health and safety.


Smart Cities & Communities

Data analytics can enhance the citizen’s quality of life; from air quality measurement to ambient noise monitoring, traffic lights, vibration monitoring, street lighting and waste collection. IoT and data analytics make  everything measurable and actionable.


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Advanced Data Analytics

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid - helping our public sector customers in digital operation, digital citizen experience, digital SLAs and digital security and fraud. 

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AI & Machine Learning

Unlock new possibilities and amplify our impact for society  and citizen and government with AI/ML

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Geospatial Data Science

Analysing spatial data combined with analytics and AI/ML for positive government service and citizen impact.

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Internet of Things (IOT)

With our expertise in data analytics and AI/ML, we will also enable government agencies to create sustainable IOT initiatives - edge, cloud and hybrid.

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Security analytics

Helping our government agencies in automating SOC, using many supporting tools like data analytics, SIEM, Threat Intelligence, SOAR and Endpoint security.

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