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Next-Gen AI powered Cybersecurity Services :

Uniting DevSecOps and Next Generation SOC for Unmatched Protection.

GlobeOSS Cybersecurity Services

GlobeOSS offers a powerful cybersecurity solution with key advantages. They prioritize preventive security through DevSecOps practices, integrating security early in development and operations. Partnering with best-in-class Next SOC technology providers ensures cutting-edge capabilities for threat detection and response. Our team of skilled professionals brings expertise to secure your business. Automation enhances efficiency, enabling rapid incident response. 


DevSecOps is an approach that integrates security practices into the entire software development lifecycle, including cloud-based environments. It is a proactive security from design to deployment and operations. Dev Security ensures the integration of security controls and secure coding practices throughout development. Cloud Security end to end focuses on securing cloud infrastructure, applications, and data through continuous monitoring and automation. 

Next Generation SOC

Next Generation SOC services offer advanced and comprehensive security capabilities, including advanced threat detection, incident response and management, 24/7 monitoring and alerting, threat intelligence and analysis, vulnerability management, continuous security monitoring, threat hunting, and security analytics and reporting. These services help organizations proactively detect and respond to threats, strengthen their security posture, and maintain ongoing visibility into their security environment.

Competency Program

A Cyber Competency Program recognizes that people are the weakest link in cybersecurity and thus emphasizes the importance of addressing human factors through specialized training, awareness programs, and education to mitigate risks associated with human errors, enhance cyber resilience, and empower individuals to become strong defenders against cyber threats. 

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DevSecOps & CNAPP Services

We stop attacks on
cloud native applications

We guarantee it !

Prevent them before they happen,
stop them as they happen

Dev Security

Secure your weakest software supply chain links and prevent security risks from becoming security incidents.

- Software Supply Chain Security
- Risk and Vulnerability Scanning
- Advanced Malware Protection

Cloud Security

Quickly see and prioritize your cloud security risks to mitigate the most critical threats to your organization, stopping attacks in real time

- Cloud Workload Protection (CWPP)
- Cloud Security Posture (CSPM)
- Kubernetes Security Posture (KSPM)

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E2E Platform

Bring teams together around the most comprehensive, fully integrated CNAPP to regain visibility and reduce risk to your business

- Correlated Risk Insights
- Automated Response Actions
- Out of the box compliance reporting

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Next Generation SOC Services

Stay Ahead of Threats with Next Generation SOC that Empowers Proactive Security.


Cloud Security

GlobeOSS Cloud Security services for data protection and compliance



Proactively manage cyber risk to reduce the impact of attacks


Data Security

Meet data privacy regulations and simplify operational complexity


Threat Detection & Response

Proactively manage cyber risks reduces the impact of attacks


Insider Threat

Protection from malicious or unintentional threats from insiders


Zero Trust

Use context to manage cyber risk in a disconnected environment

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Cybersecurity Competency Program

Cyber Resilience
by Cultivating Skills for a Secure Future.

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Cybersecurity Awareness

Comprehensive module on information security awareness

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Cybersecurity Practioner

Curriculum Designed for professional and field experience practioners

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Cybersecurity Defence Skills

Real practice knowledge and skills needed to protect organizations from cyber attacks

Technology Partner for our Services

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GlobeOSS Cybersecurity Services

Are you ready to protect your business ?

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