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Advanced Data Analytics

GlobeOSS Advanced Digital Analytics services enables our customers to derive value from massive digital data into a world of insights and intelligence.

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Analytics has now become the backbone of most industries.  GlobeOSS has been working in the telecommunication industry for more than 16+ years and is uniquely positioned to enable open and cloud-enabled AI to help our customers forward.

With digital cloud transformation into the picture, GlobeOSS is well positioned to help our customers in digital operation, digital customer experience, digital business, and digital security and fraud. Analytics and automation will be the main driver for us moving forward.

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Advanced Data Analytics

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Data Analytics

as a Service (DAaaS)

DAaaS offers a fully customized cloud based data analytics on a subscription fee basis. GlobeOSS helps our clients to obtain enterprise-class analytics in the cloud with no infrastructure deployment and management. We set up and administer all the required functions – data warehouse (DWH), ELT/ETL, OLAP, reporting, and dashboarding. 

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Data Warehouse Testing

Data Warehouse Testing includes ETL, BI, Performance, and Security Testing. With 15 years of experience and 210+ analytic engagements, we are the reliable outsource partner to gain quick, frequent, and flexible DWH testing services.

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Data Visualization

Data visualization consulting helps reveal the critical data to business users via intuitive visuals. Tools like Kibana, Tableau, Qlik and many other open source tools can achieve just that. We help customers to spot trends, track business goal achievements, compare performances from various categories.

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Data Science Consulting

We will help our clients to strengthen the business with advanced analytics relying on machine learning. Our data science consultants will discuss with the project team on the data quantity, data availability, and data quality. We will also prepare and proof of concept after testing various machine learning algorithms.

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Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)

DWaaS is a managed service which involves the configuration and administration of DWH infrastructure on subscription fee basis. This service helps our clients provide company wide insights because of disparate data and data silos, poor quality data, and low performance DWH. We also help our clients to lower DWH implementation and administration cost.

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Data management services help our clients to aggregate fragmented data and apply data analytics techniques to solve business problems. We cover all the data management functions and achieves value-driven data usage. 

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Business Intelligence Consulting

We help our clients build BI from ground up or introduce improvements to existing BI solution. While improving your existing BI solution, we would do a benchmarking and audit to identify possible evident and hidden issues that is impacting the performance of your BI solutions. 

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Managed Analytic

as a Service

Outsource data analysis to reduce the dependencies on developing and managing proprietary analytics solutions. We are the reliable outsource partner to gain quick, frequent and flexible analytical insights – raw data collection, supporting infrastructure, data management, and data analysis.

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Data Lake and Data Warehouse Design

The DWH design includes services for integration, structuring and storing business data for analytics and reporting. A DWH design is the first step in implementing a DWH solution. It creates architecture and other consideration for a successful DWH system. 

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Big Data & Data Lake Consulting

We help our clients making big data to be part of existing analytics solution and to enable stand-alone big data solution from ground up.

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