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Data Warehouse 
as a service (DWaaS)

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Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)

DWaaS is a managed service which involves the configuration and administration of DWH infrastructure on subscription fee basis. This service helps our clients provide company wide insights because of disparate data and data silos, poor quality data and low performance DWH. We also help our clients to lower DWH implementation and administration cost.

DWH Configuration and Development

  • We implement or use our clients DWH platform.

  • Existing data sources, management and data quality practices.

  • Introduce new sources.

DWH Integration

  • Integrated to existing BI and analytics infrastructure.

  • Integrate to existing data sources.

  • Integrate to new data sources.

Data migration and data cleaning

  • Customised migration strategy.

  • Data moved to data warehouse.

  • Data cleansing & Data Testing for data accuracy and completeness.

Continuous support and admin.

  • We support with agreed SLA to ensure high data quality, integration of new data sources.

  • High DWH performance (ETL correctness, data backups etc.).

On-Demand DWH configuration

  • Done though out the contract period.

  • Evolve with your business requirements.

  • Configuration management.

  • Change Request Management.

Are you ready to accelerate your business ?

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