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Industries We Serve

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Telecom, Media & Technology

Analytics has now become the backbone of telecom, media, and technology industry.  GlobeOSS has been working in the telecommunication industry for more than 15+ years and is uniquely positioned to enable open and cloud-enabled AI to help our customers forward.

With 5G into the picture, GlobeOSS is well positioned to help our customers in digital operation, digital customer experience, digital business, and digital security and fraud. Analytics and automation will be the main driver for us moving forward.


Project Name

Retail industry is highly competitive. The industry requires AI and Machine Learning to help drive the product demand planning, inventory, supply chain analytics, and real-time customer data.

GlobeOSS is uniquely positioned to help our retail customers in their effort to implement digital modernization and transformation, especially in the area of advanced BI, AI/ML, geospatial data science, customer CDP and IOTs. 

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Financial Services

The financial Services Industry (FSI) is facing challenges in increasing operational efficiencies, operating within compliance, winning more digital sophisticated customers and tackling growing frauds and risk. Traditional banking industry is undergoing radical changes namely digitalization, fintech, open banking, data privacy and regulatory compliance.

GlobeOSS with its years of experience in data analytics can help FSI customers in their digitalization and transformation effort.


The health care industry is challenged with COVID-19 pandemic response. Now with the world moving towards the endemic phase, GlobeOSS can help our healthcare industry customers to adapt to new challenges.

GlobeOSS analytics capabilities will also be able to drive value-based healthcare. With advance analytics, AI and machine learning, we can help improve clinical decisions. IOT analytics will help our customers time to value. Also, geospatial data science may help our customers to determine the geographical analytics for clinical and business decisions.

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Logistics & Transport

The logistics and transport industry is facing rapid changes and challenges. They are faced with reducing cost and improving supply chain. Problem statements like route optimization, pick-up and drop off site planning, fleet management, traffic management, and etc.

Reducing costs & improving visibility through spatially optimized supply chain solutions is fundamental to fulfil the increasing expectations of today's customer.

GlobeOSS team is ready to help.


Utilities industry is facing multiple transformations and disruptions – from climate change, to distributed generation, to new business models and carbon footprint analytics, solar propensity analysis, EV charger site selection, and etc. Analytics is increasingly essential for the competitive and operational advantages.

GlobeOSS analytics skill-sets in big data analytics, customer experience analytics, operational analytics, IOTs and geospatial data sciences, can help our customers to achieve just that.

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Manufacturing & Industry

The manufacturing Industry is facing an unprecedented challenges with global supply chain disruptions and shipping bottlenecks in a very competitive market landscape. GlobeOSS with AI/ ML expertise may solve today’s manufacturing challenges.

GlobeOSS team can deploy the AI models across the manufacturing industry to help companies streamline operations, solve supply chain issues, implement sustainable solutions, and prepare for a stronger future.


Let’s collaborate. 

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Green Field


With increasing food production challenges, smart farming industry needs to monitor and analyze the cattle or crop conditions. It is also essential to optimize the workflows and increase operational efficiencies.

Examples for smart farming capabilities includes tracking cattle, managing herds, directing farm personnel, measuring soil conditions, detecting growth, registering rainfall, tracking equipment, planning tasks, monitoring refrigeration, connecting warehouses, and etc.


GlobeOSS team is ready to collaborate.

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Public Sector

The public sector is going through rapid changes. The expectation of the citizen for the government of the day is getting complicated and sophisticated.

At GlobeOSS we hope to help the government to drive better decisions, implement excellent digital transformation and  enable better outcomes for the citizen.

With skill-sets in various industries, we can add value to existing government contractors, with verticals like telecommunication, hospitals, police department, transportation, and etc.

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