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Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics

Drive digital transformation through advanced IOT analytics with AI/ML. Increase operational efficiencies, increase customer experience and increase new innovative business products.

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With our expertise in data analytics and AI/ML, we will also enable enterprises to create sustainable IOT initiatives - edge, cloud and hybrid.

At GlobeOSS we just don't collect the data from many thousands of sensors and data sources, we also help our customers in performing descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics. We create data models and data preperation for IOT AI, ML and deep-learning to realize business values.

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Internet of Things (IOT) Analytics Use Cases


Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture with IOT and data analytics enables tracking cattle, managing herds, directing farm personnel, measuring soil conditions, detecting growth, registering rainfall, tracking equipment, planning tasks, monitoring refrigeration, connecting warehouses, etc.


Smart Cities

In a Smart City, any inhabitant, visitor and commuter enjoy your IoT services through optimizing processes, infrastructure, and management.


Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is used across any IoT business vertical. Tracking commercial or public assets, people and pets greatly benefits supply chain management and delivery services. Knowing where your assets are anywhere, anytime will enable you to solve your logistical challenges and reduces operational costs.


Smart Building

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) safety and health requirements are entering into public and private building management. It will significantly reduce waste and leakage, utility costs and increase employee and visitor satisfaction by making your building smart.



IoT networks and data management offer an optimal cost-effective solution in environments where everyone and everything is constantly on the move. A hospital's IoT network enables staff to keep track of their assets, such as wheelchairs and medical equipment, to monitor supplies such as medication, vaccines, and beds, and to gain insight in the condition of such supplies. Any objects becomes smart  throughout the entire hospital premises: indoors, underground and outside. 


Supply Chain Management

Combine positioning with actual usage, handling and responsibility metrics regardless of used devices or connectivity technology to generate better insights, boost service and optimise all flows. Asset tracking, inventory & warehouse management, fleet management, barcode scanning, active and passive RFID, Track & Trace black box solutions have been in our landscape over the past decades. However, low priced sensors and connectivity plans that are made available now will add valuable data or sometimes even replace the existing solution at hand.


Smart Water

Water leakage monitoring, billing optimisation and automated water reading will reduce non revenue water. By providing access to real-time data, utilities can tackle billing and support issues, detect leakage, increase accurate water metering and respond to national regulations that drive renewable energy sources.

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