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Financial Services Analytics

Drive digital transformation through advanced analytics with AI/ML. Increase operational efficiencies, increase customer experience, and increase new innovative business products.

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The financial services industry is currently facing challenges in several areas, including increasing operational efficiencies, ensuring compliance with regulations, attracting and serving digitally sophisticated customers, and addressing the growing risks associated with fraud. Moreover, the traditional banking sector is undergoing significant transformations, such as digitalization, fintech advancements, open banking initiatives, data privacy considerations, and regulatory compliance requirements.

With its extensive experience in data analytics, GlobeOSS is well-equipped to assist customers in the financial services industry with their digitalization and transformation efforts.

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Financial Services
Use Cases

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Risk Management

Risk Dashboards.
Loan Portfolio Delinquency Dashboards.
Credit Risk Analysis.


Fraud Detection

Detect Fraud and Prevention (Anomaly Detection) and Automation.



Public Data and Internal Data combination. Hyper-target your campaigns at a deeper granularity.


Customer Experience Management

Know exactly what your customers want, when they want it, and make sure they get it.

Branches and Location Performance Insights.

Customer Value Management.


Customer Touchpoints Analytics.


Geospatial Supply Chain Optimization

Catastrophe Modeling.

Faster Access to Alternative Data (human mobility, housing, climate, spending power, demographics, & etc).

Risk Exposure Management.

Policy Pricing Optimization. Geographical Analytics.


Customer Data Platform

Determine customer loyalty state, next best action, and customer lifetime value using AI.

Churn Prediction.

Next Best Offer.

Automation of Real-time Customer Experience, Contextual, Digital Engagement, and Customer Value.


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Advanced Data Analytics

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid - helping our FSI customers in digital operation, digital customer experience, digital business, and digital security and fraud. 

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AI & Machine Learning

Unlock new possibilities and amplify our impact for society and FSI businesses with AI/ML.

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Geospatial Data Science

Analysing spatial data combined with analytics and AI/ML for positive FSI business impact.

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Internet of Things (IOT)

With our expertise in data analytics and AI/ML, we will also enable FSI enterprises to create sustainable IOT initiatives - edge, cloud, and hybrid.

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Security analytics

Helping our FSI customers in automating SOC, using many supporting tools such as Data Analytics, SIEM, Threat Intelligence, SOAR, and Endpoint Security.

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