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Intelligence Services

Next Generation Data Foundations, Data Modernization, Data Analytics & Insights and Data Science (AI/ML)

GlobeOSS Data Services

GlobeOSS offers a range of data-centric services, including establishing advanced data infrastructures, modernizing existing data systems, deriving insights through analytics, and leveraging data science and AI/ML techniques to predict trends and automate decision-making, collectively empowering businesses to optimize operations and strategic decision-making through data-driven approaches.

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Next Generation Data Foundations & Modernization

Robust and scalable data infrastructure. It could include activities like setting up data warehouses, data lakes, or other data storage solutions that can handle large volumes of data efficiently. Data modernization by upgrading process of updating and improving existing data systems, making them more agile, accessible, and compatible with newer technologies. Also involves migrating data from legacy systems to more advanced platforms, ensuring data quality, and optimizing data workflows.

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Data Analytics
and Insights

This involves using data to extract meaningful insights and make informed decisions. Data analytics could encompass a wide range of techniques, from basic reporting and descriptive analytics to more advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics. The goal is to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations within the data that can guide business strategies.

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Data Science
(AI & ML)

Data science involves using techniques from generative artificial intelligence (Generative AI) and machine learning (ML) to extract insights and create predictive models from data. This could include activities like developing algorithms, building predictive models, conducting sentiment analysis, clustering data, and much more. The aim is to leverage the power of data to make accurate predictions and automate decision-making processes.

Geospatial Intelligence
& Data Science

Driving better business through geospatial data analytics.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Drive digital transformation through advanced IOT analytics with AI/ML. Increase operational efficiencies, increase customer experience and increase new innovative business products.

Services Capability for Technology Partners

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GlobeOSS Data Services

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