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Utility Analytics

Drive digital transformation through advanced analytics with AI/ML. Increase operational efficiencies, increase customer experience and increase new innovative business products.

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The utilities industry is undergoing multiple transformations and disruptions, including those related to climate change, distributed generation, new business models, carbon footprint analytics, solar propensity analysis, EV charger site selection, and more. In this landscape, analytics plays an increasingly crucial role in providing competitive and operational advantages for utilities companies.

With GlobeOSS's expertise in big data analytics, customer experience analytics, operational analytics, IoT, and geospatial data sciences, we are well-positioned to assist our customers in improving their business efficiency. Our comprehensive skill sets in these areas enable us to provide valuable insights and solutions to optimize operations and drive better business outcomes.

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Utility Analytics
Use Cases


Energy Forecasting & Capacity Planning

Using AI/ML to improve financial and operational performance – load, price, and revenue.


Smart Capacity Planning.


Grid design and capital planning.


Customer Insights

Customer Insights. Know exactly what your customers want, when they want it, and make sure they get it.


Branches and location performance Insights.


Customer Value Management.




Customer Touchpoints Analytics.


Revenue Assurance

Reduce revenue leakage across multiple process, touchpoints, credit and collections.


Customer Intelligence & Next Best Offer

Determine customer loyalty state, next best action, and customer lifetime value using AI.

Churn Prediction.

Next Best Offer.

Automation of Real-time Customer Experience, contextual, digital engagement, and customer value.


Real-time Monitoring & Predictive Asset Maintenance

Predict the future issues and maintenance; so that this can be proactively handled to maximise uptime.

Realtime monitoring of plant operation, anomaly detection, performance dashboards, and report generation.



Solar Propensity Analysis

Public Data and Internal Data combination. Hyper-target your campaigns at a deeper granularity.


Geomarketing campaigns for B2C solar panel installations, as well as creating solar calculators to measure propensity and profitability.



Public Data and Internal Data combination. Hyper-target your campaigns at a deeper granularity.


Water Management

Geospatial Analytics allows our customers to maintain information about network assets, perform field inspections, inform customers about overflows, and reduce water loss - water delivery, sewer collection, or stormwater conveyance.


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Advanced Data Analytics

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid - helping our utility customers in digital operation, digital customer experience, digital business and digital security and fraud. 

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AI & Machine Learning

Unlock new possibilities and amplify our impact for society and utility businesses with AI/ML

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Geospatial Data Science

Analysing spatial data combined with analytics and AI/ML for positive utility business impact.

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Internet of Things (IOT)

With our expertise in data analytics and AI/ML, we will also enable utility enterprises to create sustainable IOT initiatives - edge, cloud and hybrid.

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Security analytics

Helping our utility customers in automating SOC, using many supporting tools like data analytics, SIEM, Threat Intelligence, SOAR and Endpoint security.

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