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Digital Analytics
as a Services (DAaaS)

Drive Business Outcome with Data Analytics

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Digital Analytics as a Service (DAaaS)

AaaS offers a fully customized cloud based data analytics on a subscription fee basis. GlobeOSS helps our clients to obtain enterprise-class analytics in the cloud with no infrastructure deployment and management. We set up and administer all the required functions – data warehouse (DWH), ELT/ETL, OLAP, reporting and dashboarding. 

With 15 years of experience and 200+ analytic engagements, we are the reliable outsource partner to gain quick, frequent and flexible analytical insights.

The types of analytics include descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive. Analysis methods:

• Analysis of business data using grouping and aggregation.
• Analysis of business data using data science.
• Analysis of sensor data using IOT and data science.
• Analysis of big data using data science.

AaaS Value Proposition

(1) No infrastructure set-up and administration burden

We design analytics solutions with minimal and cost effective cloud consumption. Integrate multi-cloud services. Configure and develop analytic solution components ((DWH, ETL/ELT, OLAP, reports and dashboards), set up data management procedures, etc. Support and administer the analytics solutions.

(2) Reliable delivery of analytics insights.

We help integrate the existing workflows to the cloud. Customized reports and dashboards for different users delivers on a pre-defined schedule or triggered by certain events. Dynamic reporting. Configurable reporting (drill down, pivot, filter). Self-service analytics platform with secure role-based access.

(3) Quick time to insights.

First online dashboard consisting of a few dashboards in 1 day. New online dashboard in 4 hours to 7 days, depending on complexity. Change in existing report and dashboards in 1 day. (depending on SLA).


Why Work With GlobeOSS AaaS?

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360 degree view of your business

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Quick time to insights

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Get deeper insights of your data

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Empower your team

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Drive tangible business outcome

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Measure and track live performance

Department That Can Work With Us

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Enterprise IT

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Sales & Marketing

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Support & Services

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Supply Chain

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Analytic Team

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Planning & Optimization

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Are you ready to accelerate your business ?

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