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DWH Testing

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Data Warehouse Testing Service

Data Warehouse Testing includes ETL, BI, Performance and Security Testing. With 15 years of experience and 200+ analytic engagements, we are the reliable outsource partner to gain quick, frequent and flexible DWH testing services.

ETL Testing

  • Wrong ETL that does not run as intended, or when the data is harmed or altered wrongly, will result in wrong insights.

  • SQL experience testing engineers - follow a data-centric approach and validate the data at every entry point. 

  • Identify duplicates and triplicates, spot missing foreign keys, check that the transformation goes according to your business rules.

  • Make sure that source and target data are consistent.

BI Testing

  • Data quality for business decisions maintained throughout from ground up.

  • Data integration in OLAP operations – roll-up, drill down, slicing, dicing, pivot etc. work correctly.

  • Data presentation in reports and dashboards.

  • Data comparison to the source.

  • Check rendering time of the reports and dashboards to meet business requirements.


DWH Performance Testing

  • Stress testing.

  • Load Testing.

  • Scalability and stability testing subtypes.

  • Detect possible bottlenecks.

  • Handles increasing number of users, and growing data volumes from data sources.

  • Multiple users performing various operations simultaneously.


DWH Security Testing

  • DWH critical business information. (clients’ data, employees, financial data, partner information, and etc).

  • The correctness of role-based access.

  • The correct work of data encryption and decryption.

  • Validity of data back-ups.

  • Data security policy adherence.


Testing Process

  • Studying the project requirement.

  • Test plan and test design.

  • Test implementation.

  • Result analysis and accountability (reports).

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