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Data Management

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Data Management Services

Data management services help our clients to aggregate fragmented data and apply data analytics techniques to solve business problems. We cover all the data management functions and achieves value-driven data usage. 

The services include:

Data Governance: drawing up data governance standards and policies to ensure data availability, quality, security, and usage. Evaluate the existing data governance standards and policies.

Data architecture: Designing data architecture to govern how data is captured, integrated, stored, analyzed, and used. Auditing data architecture to align to enterprise strategy.
Data Integration: Consolidating data from various data sources (ETL/ELT) and data virtualization.

Data Quality Management: Data cleansing activities, data enrichment and regular data quality assurance.

Data Storage: Designing, implementing, and supporting storage solutions for datasets of varying scale and format.

Reference and Master Data Management: Enabling data quality and consistency for BI systems with data profiling, data deduplication and standardization.

Metadata Management: Designing and populating metadata repositories with metadata to ensure localization of data assets, data lineage, and etc.

Data Warehousing, Analytics and Reporting: Designing and implementing data analytics infrastructure to ensure maximized data value.

Data Security: Setting up data security practices and risk assessment.

Data migration and backup: Moving the client’s data from one system to another to ensure secure, efficient. Data assessment, data migration automation and data completeness evaluation.

The quality standards we target:

  • Consistency: No data contradiction.

  • Accuracy: The information is reliable and error-free.

  • Completeness: Enough to solve business problems.

  • Audibility: Data is accessible and traceable when change is introduced.

  • Timeliness: Data reality in terms of time.

  • Uniqueness: Data record with details appears once in a database, no data duplicates are reported.

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