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Digital Cybersecurity Analytics

We provide services to unlock the

potential of automated security

Providing Services Across The Cybersecurity Maturity Levels

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Security Automation

Security Automation. We empower your security operations team with machine-speed decision making. We provide services around Swimlane software technologies. 


Playbook and workflow automation services

Replace manual tasks 

Replaces slow, manual and repetitive activities with machine-speed decision making and remediation.  

Manages and automates the tasks associated with responding to security alerts and incidents so your team can focus on higher value work. 


Security Orchestration 

Accelerate Incident Response 

Streamline and accelerate incident response with centralized event data and standardized workflows.  

Integrates organization's security tools with existing people and processes to orchestrate faster, more effective incident response and threat management. 


Flexible Case Management 

Speed up investigation 

Integrates with all data and components related to an incident  

Tracks your teams’ security tasks and provides centralized access to cases, reports, dashboards and metrics for both individuals and teams. 


SOC Dashboards and Reporting 

Get visibility into the performance, capacity and value of the organization's Security Operations investment.  

Provides insight into your SOC’s productivity and efficacy with easily customized dashboards, granular reporting and extensive visualization capabilities. 


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