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Home WIFI Services Analytics for Leading Converged Fixed and Mobile Operators

Project Overview: GlobeOSS was engaged by a leading converged Fixed and Mobile Operators to provide a comprehensive WIFI services solution. The project involved several components, including Voftth migration, SSP enhancement, Splunk integration, provisioning portal development, Tertio webservice enhancement, MySQL & RHEL upgrade, revised journey, optimization, device WIFI strength tile enhancement, Air-Ties device integration, and ACS KPI reporting enhancement.

Scope of Work: The project involved the following scope of work:

  1. Voftth Migration: GlobeOSS provided support for the migration of the operator's existing WIFI services to a new platform based on the Voftth standard.

  2. SSP Enhancement: GlobeOSS enhanced the operator's Self-Service Portal (SSP) to provide customers with more options for managing their WIFI services.

  3. Splunk Integration: GlobeOSS integrated the operator's network data with Splunk to provide real-time insights into WIFI services performance.

  4. Provisioning Portal: GlobeOSS developed a provisioning portal to enable the operator's technicians to configure and manage WIFI services.

  5. Tertio Webservice Enhancement: GlobeOSS enhanced the operator's Tertio web services to improve data exchange between systems.

  6. MySQL & RHEL Upgrade: GlobeOSS upgraded the operator's MySQL and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) to improve performance and security.

  7. Revised Journey Optimization: GlobeOSS revised the customer journey to improve the user experience of WIFI services.

  8. Device WIFI Strength Tile Enhancement: GlobeOSS enhanced the device WIFI strength tile to provide more accurate information on WIFI signal strength.

  9. Air-Ties Device Integration: GlobeOSS integrated Air-Ties devices with the operator's WIFI services to improve coverage and performance.

  10. ACS KPI Reporting Enhancement: GlobeOSS enhanced the operator's ACS KPI reporting to provide more detailed insights into WIFI services performance.

Key Deliverables: The key deliverables of the project were as follows:

  1. Voftth Migration

  2. SSP Enhancement

  3. Splunk Integration

  4. Provisioning Portal Design

  5. Tertio Webservice Enhancement

  6. MySQL & RHEL Upgrade

  7. Revised Journey Optimization

  8. Device WIFI Strength Tile Enhancement

  9. Air-Ties Device Integration

  10. ACS KPI Reporting Enhancement

Benefits: The comprehensive WIFI services solution provided by GlobeOSS helped the leading operator to achieve the following benefits:

Improved Customer Experience:

The operator was able to provide customers with a more seamless and user-friendly WIFI services experience, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

  1. Improved Performance and Coverage: The operator was able to improve WIFI services performance and coverage by integrating Air-Ties devices and enhancing the device WIFI strength tile.

  2. Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting: The operator was able to gain real-time insights into WIFI services performance through Splunk integration and enhanced ACS KPI reporting.

  3. Streamlined Management and Provisioning: The operator was able to streamline WIFI services management and provisioning through the provisioning portal and Tertio web service enhancements.

Conclusion: GlobeOSS was able to provide a comprehensive WIFI services solution that helped [Name of the Leading Telco Operator] improve customer experience, performance and coverage, data analysis and reporting, and management and provisioning of WIFI services. The project involved several complex components, and GlobeOSS was able to deliver the project on time and within budget.


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