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Data Warehouse and Analytics for Insurance Company in Middle East:


One of the major challenges faced by our client, an insurance company based in the Middle East, was the lack of efficient data management and analytics capabilities. The company had a vast amount of data scattered across various sources, making it difficult to generate actionable insights and make informed decisions. Additionally, the company was struggling to keep up with the competition due to the lack of timely insights and a comprehensive understanding of the market trends.


Our team provided the insurance company with a robust data warehouse solution that helped consolidate all their data into a centralized location, providing easy access to all stakeholders. We also implemented advanced analytics tools that enabled the company to generate meaningful insights from their data, allowing them to identify areas of improvement and make informed decisions. Our team also provided training and support to the company's staff to ensure they could utilize the solution effectively.

Scalability: We ensured that the solution was scalable to accommodate the increasing data volumes and user load. Our team configured the cloud DB instance performance and implemented debugging checks for daily, monthly, and ad hoc loading. This allowed the insurance company to load, store and access data quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we provided access rights to BI user and non-BI user, including access matrix with read and write access on the RDS database.


We also provided the ability to create storage buckets, enabling users to save data files in formats such as Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Excel, CSV, txt file, Microsoft Access DB Engine 2016, and SAP BI/BO (ETL & Web-Report App’s). This allowed the insurance company to store, retrieve, and analyze data easily, providing a comprehensive view of their operations.


Our solution enabled the insurance company to leverage their data effectively and make informed decisions, resulting in increased operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction. The company was able to identify areas of improvement and optimize their processes, leading to significant cost savings. Our solution also enabled the company to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market trends and make informed decisions about their product offerings. Overall, our data warehouse and analytics solution helped the insurance company gain a competitive advantage in the market, and they have continued to see sustained growth in their business.


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