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Our vision is to harness the power of data to drive meaningful change for businesses and individuals alike, turning raw information into actionable insights - a powerful force for positive change that drives progress and improve lives, to create a better future


Learn More About GlobeOSS Autonomous Network Services

Enabling Network Intelligently Autonomous

Learn More About New
GlobeOSS Cybersecurity Services 

Next-Gen Cybersecurity Empowered: Uniting DevSecOps and SOC for Unmatched Protection.

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New Artificial Intelligence Services

Building Future-ready Businesses with Data & AI. 

Transform Data into Limitless Possibilities with Generative AI

Technology Services

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& Analytics

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid - helping our customers for the automation of digital operation, digital customer experience, digital business, and digital security and fraud. 

AIOps automate and streamline various aspects of IT operations, including monitoring, incident detection and response, performance optimization, and predictive analytics.

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Data Intelligence
(Data &AI)

Cloud, On-Prem or Hybrid data and AI.  GlobeOSS Data Intelligence Platform Services (GDIPS) helps our customers in the area of data foundation, data modernization, analytics & insights, and data science through generative AI and ML.


Geospatial Intelligence & IoT (Internet of Things)

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Provide DevSecOps and Cloud Security Services.


Other services includes automating SOC by using supporting tools like data analytics, SIEM, Threat Intelligence, SOAR, and Endpoint security.

Find out more about our 230++ successful project references on Data Analytics, AI/ML, Geospatial Data Science, Security Analytics, and Automations.

Industries We Serve


Telecom, Media & Technology

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Financial Services

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Logistics & Transport

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Green Field


Machine Arm Assembling Car


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Public Sector

has more than
230++ Data Analytics engagements ... 

Below are samples of successful project deployments ... 

and many more ...

Find out more about how
GlobeOSS Machine Learning
can help with your business

Find out more on how
GlobeOSS Analytic Services
can help with your business

Are you ready to accelerate your business ?

An amazing  adventure  awaits you!

At GlobeOSS, we solve problems, explore possibilities, and create & seek knowledge – always asking,
"Why so?", “What if?”, and "How to?"

"At our core, we're a team of data superheroes on a mission to unlock the full potential of information. Our vision is to use our powers for good, transforming complex data into simple, actionable intelligence that empowers businesses and transforms human lives."


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