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Digital Autonomous Service Orchestration For Converged Network


One of the main challenges for mobile and fixed-line operators is maintaining service availability in the event of network outages or failures. This can be particularly challenging when customers are relying on fixed-line broadband connections that are susceptible to outages due to various reasons, including equipment failure, power outages, or maintenance issues.


GlobeOSS provides the "Digital Autonomous Service Orchestration" service, which offers a solution to these challenges by offering seamless failover to mobile networks during FTTH outages. The service accomplishes this by tracking the uptime of 4G backup dongles or mobile networks and identifying customers who are actively on a backup mobile dongle. The service also provides a dashboard for group data based on the type of network (FTTH or mobile) and allows the operator to track the uptime of 4G backup dongles or mobile networks.

Business Benefits:

The "Digital Autonomous Service Orchestration" service offers a range of business benefits to mobile and fixed-line operators. By improving network resilience and reducing downtime, the service can help operators increase customer satisfaction, leading to improved customer retention and revenue growth. The service also helps operators optimize their network resources, reducing the need for costly network upgrades and maintenance, resulting in lower operational costs. Additionally, by proactively identifying and addressing issues, operators can reduce the time and resources required to resolve customer complaints, leading to improved operational efficiency and cost savings.

In terms of financial benefits, implementing the "Digital Autonomous Service Orchestration" service can lead to significant cost savings for operators. By reducing the need for network upgrades and maintenance, operators can achieve lower capital and operating expenses, leading to improved profitability. Additionally, by reducing customer churn through improved network resilience and customer satisfaction, operators can achieve revenue growth and increased market share.

Another business benefit of the "Digital Autonomous Service Orchestration" service is its ability to enhance the operator's reputation and brand image. By providing a reliable and seamless service experience, operators can differentiate themselves from competitors and build a strong brand reputation, leading to increased customer loyalty and trust.

In summary, GlobeOSS's "Digital Autonomous Service Orchestration" service provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by mobile and fixed-line operators in maintaining service availability during network outages. By implementing this service, operators can achieve a range of business benefits, including improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs, increased revenue growth, and enhanced brand reputation.


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