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Integrated Network Management System (INMS) for Leading Mobile Operator

Background: The Leading Mobile Operator is a well-established telecommunications company with a large network infrastructure that spans multiple countries. The company was facing challenges in managing its network infrastructure due to the lack of a centralized management system. The company was looking for a solution that could help them monitor, manage, and optimize their network operations. GlobeOSS was engaged to implement an Integrated Network Management System (INMS) that would address the company's needs.

Challenges: The project faced the following challenges:

  1. Integration with legacy systems: The Leading Mobile Operator had a complex legacy network infrastructure, and integrating the INMS with the existing systems posed a significant challenge.

  2. Data collection and analysis: The INMS needed to collect a large volume of data from various sources and perform real-time analysis, which required careful planning and design.

  3. User adoption: The network management team needed to be trained on the new system and processes, and ensuring user adoption and buy-in was critical for the success of the project.

Objectives: The primary objectives of the project were to implement an INMS that would provide the following capabilities:

  1. Network Monitoring: Monitor the network infrastructure for availability, performance, and security.

  2. Fault Management: Identify and resolve network faults in a timely manner.

  3. Configuration Management: Maintain the configuration of network devices and ensure compliance with the company's policies.

  4. Performance Management: Analyze network performance data to identify trends and improve network performance.

  5. Security Management: Monitor network security and identify potential security threats.

Scope: The scope of the project included the following activities:

  1. Assessing the current network infrastructure and identifying the gaps in the current network management practices.

  2. Designing the INMS architecture and selecting the appropriate tools and technologies.

  3. Developing and testing the INMS.

  4. Integrating the INMS with the existing network infrastructure.

  5. Providing training to the network management team on the usage and maintenance of the INMS.

Deliverables: The following deliverables were provided to the client at the end of the project:

  1. INMS Architecture Design Document: This document provided an overview of the INMS architecture and the selected tools and technologies.

  2. INMS Implementation Document: This document provided a detailed description of the implementation process and the testing methodology used.

  3. INMS Integration Document: This document provided a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the INMS with the existing network infrastructure.

  4. User Manual: This document provided a detailed guide on how to use and maintain the INMS.

  5. Training Material: This material included presentations and videos on how to use and maintain the INMS.

Business Results: The implementation of the INMS resulted in the following business benefits:

  1. Improved network performance: The INMS provided real-time monitoring, automated fault identification, and resolution, configuration management, performance management, and security management capabilities, which helped improve network performance and reduce downtime.

  2. Reduced operational costs: The INMS helped streamline network operations, reduce the need for manual intervention, and automate routine tasks, resulting in reduced operational costs.

  3. Increased regulatory compliance: The Leading Mobile Operator achieved compliance with industry standards and regulations, which helped reduce the risk of regulatory violations and associated penalties.

  4. Improved customer experience: The improved network performance and reduced downtime resulted in an improved customer experience, which helped increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


GlobeOSS INMS solution helped the Leading Mobile Operator to effectively manage its network infrastructure, improve network performance, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. The INMS provided a comprehensive set of features and capabilities that enabled the network management team to monitor and manage the network infrastructure in real-time. The project was a success and exceeded the client's expectations.


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